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ADRO TEXTILE Konveksi Murah Indonesia - Tlp 081362666444 !
"Life is so hard has become a figure menempahnya independent person and mentality steel. Great people are not generated by the ease, pleasure, and comfort. They are formed through the hardships, challenges, and tears." ADRO TEXTILE Konveksi Murah Indonesia - Tlp 081362666444 !
ADRO TEXTILE is a company in the field of garment, founding the company started from a vision to build a garment of the nation who were able to worldwide. ADRO name itself is a combination of the initials of the founder of this company. ADI PURNAMA , the pioneer establishment ADRO TEXTILE . Young age is not a barrier to success. Success is for anyone who is aware , wants , and his fight with a vengeance . Doing more and more and more , are part of life . VollMond was first established brand range in 2011 , with the keeping quality , start quite known among the local community . History VollMond name itself is from the name Adi Purnomo , purnomo a full moon , or VollMond in the German language . Still exist to this day , to set up a company by the name of ADRO TEXTILE . You are curious about the best products we ? Pick up your telephone and contact us immediately ! We of ADRO TEXTILE continue working for the nation . ABDUL Rochim , is a friend of ADI PURNOMO and one of the founders of ADRO TEXTILE . The name bearer is a blessing , many people interpret that this name is compassionate , hopefully you are also fond of our products , as we are fond of clients like you . Client satisfaction is our biggest motivation. We are always proud of our work. Pride that our company's main capital, to step ahead. We have the best products and the best HR and management who are able to see the future. Source :